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The Long Stay formed in 1991 when Brendan Donnelly, Brendan McCullough and Sean McAuley met while at university. After regular song writing meetings they recorded their first album “The Long Stay” (Tape cassette) at Patrick Delgatty’s Green Dolphin studios in Belfast in 1994. The first album was recorded over a two day session, with most of the recordings being done in a single take - just as they had been played at rehearsals.

The songs were recorded simply, without any effort on arrangement, or production. This focus on the basic art of song-writing led to a raw but sparkling selection of 12 songs, which was released to local critical acclaim. Limited resources however meant that the release was restricted to a small distribution. Unfortunately “The Long Stay” is no longer available and is regarded as a valuable collector’s item.

EP Release “Moody Day”

After recording their first tape cassette album, The Long stay played around the live circuit for some time, before deciding to focus on recording some more songs. The band eventually returned to the studio in 1996, this time recording with Joe Goudie at ‘Joe’s Garage’.

Out of these recordings The Long Stay released their first EP Moody Day. The title track of this release received much acclaim in the local press, and made it regularly onto play lists for the all the local radio stations. Moody Day became a regular feature on Radio Ulster shows fronted by radio personalities such as Gerry Anderson, George Jones, Cherry McIllwaine and John Bennett. After playing several Radio Concerts, the title track, and other tracks from the Moody Day EP, also made it onto the play-lists for Downtown Radio and Cool FM.

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The Long Stay

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