Sometimes (2021)

Sometimes is the most recently released single by The Long Stay, and is the second single to be released during the Corona Virus lockdown in 2021. It takes a look at the individual and how we are all vulnerable to changes in our Mental Health as a result of the isolation and other challenges we faced during the Pandemic. Despite the sometimes daily repetitions and those feelings that things can get caught in a loop, we have to stay strong and strive to go forward and embrace the challenges life presents us.  Sometimes looks at this engaging theme, we hope in an ultimately uplifting way.

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Sometimes Video

Sometimes Video

Sometimes is the latest track from The Long Stay and features a new video produced by Brendan McCullough.  Sometimes tackles themes of isolation and repetition in our day during the pandemic crisis.  It also looks at the impact this has on our Mental Health.  The overall message is that we have to stay strong and keep striving for something despite the challenges.

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